Beautiful things about Chi Nei Tsang

There are many wonderful benefits to Chi Nei Tsang therapy. To cover everything in one article would be nearly impossible. With that said today I want to tell you about listening to the inner voice of your organs and tuning into your body.

Everything we have ever done and experienced makes us who we are today, both physically and emotionally. Our lifestyles, career, relationships, where we grew up, thoughts, memories, everything. All of these experiences and feelings, whether good or bad, speak to us through our organs.

As we grow up, and get busier it becomes really easy to drown out our internal voices. Not many people remind us to listen to our bodies. We may be told to try and live healthier and better, but no one tells us how to pay attention to ourselves. Too many of us run through our lives at full speed and forget to listen to ourselves. We end up exhausted, depleted and wondering how we got here.

Chi Nei Tsang is the art of listening with our hands. By gently and attentively touching and manipulating the abdominal area we tune in to what the organs are saying. There are parts being sensitive or low energy. But that’s the way they speak to us.

Organs can tell us:

“You pushing me too much. I need freedom.”, “I want to feel more comfortable. I need your love and care.”, “I have too much tension. I can’t communicate well with friends. (Another organs, nervous system, endocrine system, etc.)”, “You used up me, too much. I can’t work anymore.”

Often these inner voices are manifestations of old memories and unresolved emotions.These inner voices often manifest as physical symptoms and conditions. Examples could be constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, sleep difficulty, head ache, irregular period, etc.

By listening deeply for to these inner voices and in turn working on the abdomen and body, you can get much better than either therapy alone.

The body is always trying to talk to us. Good or bad. Through pain and discomfort or love and happiness. It is up to us to listen and understand what these voices are saying.And the process of deep listening is really precious moment to accept and care about ourselves again.

Our aim as a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner is to observe the entirety of your being, listen to your body and organs deeply and apply the best therapy for you.

This is one of beautiful aspect of Chi Nei Tsang. And there are more aspects, too!

Thank you very much for reading.

(Translated by dearest friend who I really respect.)

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