Online Chakra Clearing Meditation & Energy Healing

Let me introduce about “Online Chakra Clearing Meditation & Energy Healing”

I leaned those from my teacher, Ayumi Shizuki.

〇Chakra Clearing Meditation
This is guided meditation.
It helps to clear whole chakra system (energy center) one by one.

This meditation is very comfortable and relaxing.
It heals mind, emotion and body, too.
It takes about 40-45 min.

Feedback from clients
“Splash of the light is so comfortable.”
“I’m feeling my energy field is covered by beautiful light.”
“I could sleep very well after session. And I’m feeling abundance.”

〇Energy Healing
This is distant healing of your energy field.
It takes about 10-15min.

Feedback from clients
“I feel like, heavy blanket (of energy) was removed.”
“I feel much lighter and clear.”

Price is 5000 yen. (About 45 USD), trial price.
We’ll use “Zoom”
Payment is paid by Paypal.

This session is personal session.
But if you’d like to receive with your partner, or with your family, please ask us.
We’ll find the best way for your request.

If you’d like to book, please let us know several ideal times, date and your time zone.
And please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about this session.
Here is contact address,
Office Chi Nei Tsang & Body Works

Looking forward to welcoming you via online.
Lots of love and light,

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