Online Session Tarot Counseling

☆Tarot Counseling 60min.
Trial Session Price 5,000 JPY (Approx. 50 USD, Tax included)

☆How to start
We are starting from counseling and gradually shifting to asking Tarot cards your questions or what your inside is really seeking.

Tarot Cards are used to use as a channeling tool originally. The cards show your inner energy and tell messages from your higher self.

Through the sessions, you can gradually feel safe with your spiritual voice and your true will, and that feeing leads you the center of yourself even faster. All processes make you easier to going forward with your heart.

☆Tarot Counseling and Energy Healing, or Meditation 90min.
Trial Session Price 7,500 JPY (About 75 USD, Tax included)

This session combines Energy Healing or Meditation with Tarot Counseling.
This combination clears your energy much faster and often helps to release unneeded believes which stuck in your mind.

These processes provide you much lighter and comfortable feeling and also make stronger connection with your inner-self and spiritual-self.

☆6 times Course
I have arranged 90min x 6 sessions course for those who really would like to deepen the connection with true yourself, or live from your heart.

You can choose once in 2 weeks for 3 months or once in a month for 6 months.
Price is 42,000 JPY (Approx. 40 USD, Tax Included)

This price is limited for the first 5 clients.
(3 persons are still available as of 20th, May,2020)

For booking or questions, please contact to my office at:

Or if you know Mariko personally, please contact directly.

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