Holistic Therapist

Hello, I’m Mariko, a holistic therapist. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me.
My Journey as a therapist had been started in 2004 while I was traveling India. During my time in India I learned about Ayurveda, meditation and wanted to learn more.
Upon returning home to Japan I found employment at a spa and started honing my therapeutic skills. My thirst for further learning led to move to Thailand to work at the world renowned Chiva-Som International Health Resort.
At Chiva Som I met these wonderful mentors who have taught me so much and expanded my training:
Mr Masahiro Ouchi for Chi Nei Tsang, Tai chi, Qi Gong, meditation.
K’Pat Thummanond for Core Synthesis(Cranio Sacral Therapy, Fascia Release Technique)
Ms Halla Himintungl Frimanns as a inspiring healer, and from way of her beautiful life
Ms Anna Hughes as a master healer, spiritual teacher

In the past 12 of years I have treated over 5,000 people from all over the world. Each and every one of them has taught me something and I am grateful for having met them all.
My passion is bring light and love to wherever it is needed. During each session I listen deeply and gently what your body, energy, emotions, memory, and spirits is asking for.

Lots of love,


2010 Completed Body Massage (Honours), certified by CIBTAC
Completed Anatomy and Physiology (Honours), certified by CIBTAC
Completed Skin Treatments, certified by CIBTAC
2011 Certified Practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang at Tao Garden
2012 Completed REIKI 1 by Master Beatrix in Nong Khai
Completed Core-Synthesis Course by Pat Thummanond in Phuket
2013 Completed Chi Nei Tsang 2 Course at TaoZen, Tokyo
Completed Chi Nei Tsang 1 Course at TaoZen, Tokyo
Certified Practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang 1 at TaoZen, Tokyo
2014 Certified Practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang 2 at TaoZen, Tokyo


“Love” is one of the most powerful healing source.
And please don’t forget, everyone is “Love” essentially.
One of my greatest pleasure is supporting people to reconnect with your “Love”, inner self.