What’s Chi Nei Tsang?


Chi Nei Tsang(CNT)

Is an ancient Chinese therapy that focuses on the trunk and the internal organs within. These organs are deeply affected by our diets, environment, and stresses of daily life, relationships and even thoughts. These organs function on physical levels as well as spiritual and emotional levels.

CNT therapy is both a touch and an energetic therapy. Each session can vary from person to person. Through touch and focus the points of congestion are found and become released naturally. After the session is complete you will feel clear, energized and refreshed.

While CNT can benefit everyone, the greatest benefits are often seen with:
・Digestive concerns (constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome)
・Fatigue, energy concerns
・Female health concerns (PMS, menopause, menstruation)
・High stress levels, stressful life events
・General improvement in organ function