Comment from Monique De Caro about Chi Nei Tsang & Body Works

(Photo by Monique De Caro at Amatara Resort Phuket)

Let me introduce precious comment about Chi Nei Tsang & Body Works from dearest Monique De Caro. (From Amatara Resort Phuket, Nov, 2018)

my last treatment @amatararesort was a special session with the japanese healer mariko nakaki .. chi nei tsang .. with her bodyworks she can reorganize you inner organs 😯.. absolutely special and touching .. thanks for this unbelievable, deep and unforgettable experience ❤️

She’s wedding photographer & Travel blogger.
You can follow her below.
It is real pleasure to touch with beautiful spirits from all over the world through my work. Thank you very much, Monique! Looking forward to see you again, dear spirit’s friend.

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