Chi Nei Tsang & Body Works, Testimonial from my dear Yoga Teacher

As a Yoga and Tai-chi practitioner, I feel my body connected with Prana or Chi or Life force. But I also feel there are some blockades on this life force’s channel.

With ordinary Thai massage or another treatment, it helps to release stiffness of muscles and muscle knots, but the blockades of life energy still exists which has caused me some chronic lower back pain.

My first time for “Chi Nei Tsang & Body Works” treatment by Mariko-sensei, I ,for the first time, amazingly felt the release of those blockades. I felt the good relief on my head when she gave gentle pressure on the right side of my abdominal.

When pressing on the left side of abs, I could feel the energy flew through my body limbs (legs and arms). It was really amazing to feel the life force moving throughout the body without any muscle spasm or sharp pain.

Then, with her special head movement technique, I slowly felt the strong pinching in my left chest to left ribs which was uncomfortable pain. I didn’t tell her about it though.

However, Mariko-sensei seem to be able to communicate with this pain. She focused on that painful area. Her fingers movement directed the pain from my chest area to the navel where was like an exit channel. I could feel those pain following her fingers through the navel and it was let go.

I also like the ovary meditation at the end of the treatment session. The ovary really had it own rhythm.

After the 120 minute treatment, I felt fresh and energized, less chronic pain at my lower back, less gas in digestive tract.

I highly recommend this treatment to everyone. It is a must-try treatment.

Monchaya from Thailand

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