Universal Life Session

The name of the session I started since 2020,
“Tarot Counselling and energy healing or meditation” has been changed.

New name is

Universal Life Session

This is the session who love to live from heart and spirit to create beautiful life with universal consciousness.

Every consultation will be different, and will focus on the things you need at that time and moment.

Basically consultation start from,


I will listen to you whatever you concern at that moment.

It could be about
Partnership, family issues, body, emotional things, wealth, talent, and the coming future.

I’ll listen to you one by one.
And clear the concepts had been stuck by hearing from the message from the universe.

And knowing that there is nothing to deny of your life and bring back the inner energy to transform to make everything better.
Then it makes it easier to create the very best of your life.

Bring the concept of “Universal consciousness” for your life, too.

What’s universal consciousness?
It is about the essentials of our spirit.
Our spirit is always full of love and light, with abundance and no limit to action, and healthy.

And remind us that our life is created by our consciousness until now and the future, too.

Energy Healing

Energy healing comes to several energy fields where you need that moment, which is the field of body, field of consciousness.

Sometimes I’ll tell you the message from body or energy.
By clearing energy, it supports you back to your essential, pure self.



By providing guided meditation which has a healing effect, it clears energy and at the same time you may notice your energy that you have had.

It brings you to connect with your inner consciousness.

Sometimes it enhances to connect with your higher self (your spiritual self) to receive answers within yourself.

Session combines these modalities to bring back the connection between body, mind and spirit.
This consultation supports you from shining from your inner self and living with your universal consciousness in daily life.

It is recommended for person

who enjoy the life with inner energy with no limitation
who like to have healing for body and energy
who like to bring the concept of universal consciousness in daily life
who like to improve the five sense and six sense
who like to feel the greatness of yourself as you are
who like to understand the body, emotion and relationship
who love to create the very best of your life

If you have any questions, please send us email below.

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I do all the best for every session.
Please forgive that the question after consultation cannot be accepted.

For someone would like to have chance to back to your innerself or healing yourself constantly, we have 6 times course, too.(Every 2 weeks or every 1 month).
If you have interest for that, please let us know.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon for your wonderful life.